Le Pavillon d'interprétation de l'esker

What does the esker hide ? Visit the interpretation pavilion in the municipality of Saint-Mathieu-d'Harricana. You will discover the history of the formation of eskers, the influence of Lake Barlow-Ojibway and the Algonquin etymology on this subject.

Chemin des Sablières, St-Mathieu-d'Harricana
819 727-9557

This unique tourist site is located right in the heart of the Harricanian Forest. The facilities provide the opportunity to collect esker water that comes from the Périgny spring, the same public water that runs continuously. Visitors will learn about the history of the formation of eskers through six interpretation panels. Visitors will learn about the last ice age to the influence of Lac Barlow-Ojibway, and what characterizes the St-Mathieu-Berry esker. The last panel shows the Eska water bottling process. The layout allows for a stop-over, or picnic with family or friends, and is located 6 km from the village by taking the Lanoix road until des Sablières road. To access more information than is available on the interpretation panels, download an     app to read QR codes with your smart phone.

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May 15th to Octobre 15th 2016
Open every day



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