Le Dispensaire de la Garde de La Corne, lieu historique national du Canada

As the most representative example of all pioneer dispensaries, the site acknowledges the work of all colonial nurses through that of nurse Duchemin who, forty years ago, was both midwife and administrator when health policies in country life was not an easy task.

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Appointed in May 2004 as a National Historic Site, The Dispensary Guard of La Corne is the most representative example established of clinic- residences network in Quebec. Built in 1940, the place symbolizes the contribution and input of hundreds of colony nurses to the public health, colonization as well as the formation of rural social life. Before her death in 1990 nurse Gertrude Duchemin expresses a desire to see the clinic, where she worked for over 40 years, welcome the public and publicize the work of the nurse’s colony. The physical integrity of the building is exceptional: it has undergone no significant change since it lost its original function in 1976. 

It has kept the furniture and houses the personal collection of nurse Duchemin. A dynamic multi-media concept enhances the quality of the exhibition. Nurse Gertrude Duchemin has provided health care and primary health care education. She is the only one to have worked at La Corne, and served in this clinic. She lived for 50 years in the building which helped maintain and preserve the integrity of the place. A visit to the Dispensary Guard is one of discovery and passion.

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