Centre d’interprétation historique du Camp Spirit Lake

Historical interpretation center that retraces the history of the internment camp used to detain enemy aliens during the First World War.

242, chemin Joseph-Langlois, Trécesson 819 727-2267

From 1915-1917, during the rage of World War I, in Abitibi at the Spirit Lake detention Camp; Canada unjustly interned 1200 citizens from enemy countries.

Come and discover one of the most little known pages in Canadian History! Situated at 12km from Amos, in Trécesson (La Ferme), this unique historical Canadian interpretation centre, will allow you to learn about the lives of the 1200 prisoners, their guards and also the approximately 60 families, predominately Ukrainian, who lived at the camp. 2015 to 2017 are the commemorating years of Camp Spirit Lake. 

At the beginning of colonisation in Abitibi, Amos had 400 residents; while this detention camp included more than 1600 people, it played a key role in the development of Amos and La Ferme. It allotted the construction of infrastructures which became the basis for the creation of an experimental farm owned by the Federal Government.

The Spirit Lake detention camp is an important piece of history to know and to remember.

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